We have tried to answer most common frequently asked questions, but if there is something we’ve missed, just reach out on our ‘contact’ page and we’ll answer any questions you have to the best of our ability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tour the space?
Absolutely! Tours are scheduled in advance.
Please call (248) 946-8088 or e-mail gabrielle@amitycoworking.com to schedule your tour.

What hours are you open?
We are open 24 hours, but your community manager will be available to you in the space 8:30am-5:30pm.

What amenities will I have with my membership?
All members are able to enjoy access to Amity Coworking’s Member Portal, in-space events, conference room rentals, event space rentals, food and beverage services, printing, and Wi-Fi. For additional perks that may be included in your membership, such as lockable storage, please consult your Membership Agreement.

Can I bring a guest with me?
If your guest(s) will be with you all day, we ask that they purchase a Day Pass.
If your guest(s) needs access to your conference room booking, you are allowed up to 2 guests for the duration of your booking period.

Can I talk on the phone in the space?
If you need to make or answer a phone call, we ask that you step into one of our designated phone booths out of respect for other members. .

Do you have meeting rooms?
Our space has 3 bookable meeting rooms and 4 non-bookable rooms / collaborative spaces. Rooms can be booked online or at any time a community manager is available. All rooms feature collaboration technology.

Do you have storage?
Designated Desks have lockable storage underneath each desk, with one drawer and one filing cabinet.
If a locker is not included in your membership, they are available for purchase at an additional $20/month.

Do you have Internet?
Once you are a member, your community manager will set you up with Wi-Fi credentials to access the Internet. They are also available through signage on the front desk. If you have issues with connectivity, your community manager will be happy to help you.

Can I print?
All membership options have access to printing. Once you are a member, your community manager will set you up with our printing software for wireless printing.

Can I receive mail?
All full-time memberships come with a mailing address and mailbox. Packages will be placed in your mail slot as well.

Do you have parking?
Members are free to park at lots in the front and back of the building, as well as at the adjacent lot across the street.

Are you pet-friendly?
We love pets, but sadly, they are not permitted in our space.

When can I start my membership?
Anytime! Billing for membership dues is on the 1st of every month. Join anytime you’d like, and your membership dues will be prorated for that month.

Can I change my membership if my needs change?
Of course! We will need 15 days’ notice, but we’re happy to accommodate any changes in membership you may need.

Can I freeze my membership?
Unfortunately, we do not offer freeze memberships. If you are travelling, we can move you down to a lower membership offering, but we will need 15 days’ notice.

How do I cancel my membership?
We require 15 days’ notice for membership cancellations. Send an e-mail to or speak with your community manager to inform them of your request for cancellation.

Can I purchase a day pass if I’m not a member?
Absolutely! Day passes can also be added onto an Affiliate Membership, as and if needed

.Can I bring outside food?
Yes; a refrigerator is available for members to store food in. We ask that you label anything you choose to bring, and empty your items at the end of the week as we will discard any remaining items. We also ask that you keep your desk clear and clean of any food items when you’re not there.

I lost my access card. Now what?
Please let us know right away if you lose your access card. We need to deactivate it as soon as possible to keep the building secure. A replacement card is $20 and may take up to a week to arrive.