Staying Productive When You'd Rather Be Anywhere But the Office

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It’s summer! That means warmer weather, longer days, and lower motivation than ever when you’re just out of reach from the sunshine with hours of work in front of you. Here are 6 tips to keep you productive throughout the summer months:

  1. Embrace the sun!

    Even if you can’t be at the beach, there are still tons of ways to enjoy the weather. Whether you eat lunch outside, take a quick walk, or even work by an open window, a little bit of the outdoors can do wonders for energy and motivation.

  2. It’s still summer…even if you’re working

    Give yourself something to look forward to! A weekend at the lake, evening trips to the park, an outdoor sporting event or concert, or any little way you can enjoy the nice weather when you aren’t working will make it easier to buckle down and focus when the time comes.

  3. Bring summer to you

    Even if you can’t get outside during the day, you can find creative ways to bring it in to you! Midday popsicles, anyone?

  4. Move!

    As counter-intuitive as it seems, sitting for hours on end can be draining! Finding ways to move while working can help fight workday restlessness. Short walks, a standing desk, or even switching out a desk chair for a stability ball can release energy and keep you focused.

  5. Dress for success

    It can be so tempting to break out the shorts and sandals as soon as the weather turns for the better, but resist the urge! Looking the part can help keep you working the part and avoid a summer slump. Who doesn’t enjoy a sharp outfit?

  6. Keep collaborating

    With a revolving door of people in and out of town during vacation season, work can easily become more isolated. By making a conscious effort to keep collaborating with others, you can not only draw creative inspiration and bounce ideas but also have someone to help keep you accountable for your summer productivity!

    Happy summer and happy working!

Madeline Adler